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We warmly welcome you to our website where you will find information on Sredets, Burgas, Bulgaria and Investing in Bulgarian Properties. 

In addition to the above you will also be able to find information on shops, bars, restaurants, hotels and accommodation for rent.

We will endeavour to bring you all the latest news and events as we get them.

There is a property for sale Sredets Bulgaria section, that you can go to if you are thinking of buying either a New Home or an investment. Whether you are searching for a villa by the black sea, a mountain ski lodge, holiday house for sale in Sredets Bulgaria, land or apartment in sunny beach we are here to help you find and purchase your“Ideal Home”.

We employ both English and Bulgarian staff creating a balanced interpretation to make buying Property in Bulgaria a pleasant and uncomplicated process, allowing us to find properties for you at the best possible price.

We have professional associates to help you with Mortgages, Legal advice, Currency, and have builders to renovate your older property or build you a new home to your specification.

If you need help or advice please CONTACT US and we will do our best to answer your query.


LIVE: Restaurants in Bulgaria Open on 1 March, We have Strong Shield against Pandemic Now, Prime Minister
Against the backdrop of over 350,000 vaccinated and rehabilitated after Covid-19, restaurants will open on 1 March. And as of 1April, the nightlife establishments will start functioning too, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said during the regular cabinet sitting. The Prime Minister ordered Health Minister Kostadin Angelov to discuss at the upcoming meeting with the guild‘s representatives the...
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50,000 potentially infected with COVID-19 in Bulgaria
Prof. Nikolay Vitanov: There are 50,000 potentially infected with COVID-19 in Bulgaria There are about 50,000 people potentially infected with COVID-19 in Bulgaria. Prof. Nikolay Vitanov made this forecast on NOVA . According to him, in order to calculate the number of potentially infected, the number of deaths should be counted at 200. “Currently, 260 people have died at 200, which...
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Tourism Minister Angelkova: Bulgaria is a Safe Holiday Destination, Tourist Season Starts on July 1
The active summer tourist season will start on July 1, Bulgaria’s Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova told BNT’s current affairs show “More from the Day” on May 27.

"We have an extremely clear plan and strategy in this difficult situation, which is unpredictable and unexpected both for the tourism sector, which is directly affected, and for...
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Hospitality Industry: Entry Visas for Russian Tourists Will Save Tourism Season in Bulgaria

Bulgaria should urgently start issuing entry visas to Russian tourists, according to the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association (BHRA).

Just hours ago, the Russian Federation announced that flights from RF to Turkey were suspended for indefinite time because of the spike in cases of COVID-19 in the country, BHRA said.

According to the Association, the majority of Russian holidaymakers planned seaside vacations in our southern neighbor. After this destination becomes at least temporarily unavailable to them, it makes sense to immediately look for an alternative for their already planned vacations, points out chairman of BHRA Georgi Shterev.

If Bulgarian authorities do not immediately start to issue entry visas to Russian tourists, we again will not be able to take advantage of the situation. Because our competitors, such as Cyprus and Egypt, do not waste time and already give visas to Russian holidaymakers, BHRA reps explain.

They also stressed that from the economic point of view it is not the time for the Foreign Ministry to "try to show muscle making sharp statements against the Russian Federation" because it is detrimental to our national economy.

According to BHRA, steps should be taken to restore the work of the Bulgaria’s Consulate General in Novosibirsk, as there are currently only three consular offices operating on the territory of Russia that issue visas to Bulgaria, which is extremely insufficient and makes the work difficult. It is also important to send another tourism agent to Russia. As well as to spur the work in all Russian cities and regions, which are twinned with Bulgarian ones, emphasized BHRA.



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Bulgarians Are Divided on Vaccination Passports – Gallup International

The Bulgarian public is still divided on the idea of the so-called “vaccination passports,” shows a survey of Gallup International launched in collaboration with the tourism industry and conducted in the period of 18-24 March among a thousand adult Bulgarians.

According to the survey, half of respondents agree with their introduction. However, 43 per cent are against the “green digital certificates which the European Union mulls to adopt in order to restore free travel and tourism.

Gallup also estimates that because of the coronavirus, 25 percent of Bulgarians have postponed travel or vacation in the country planned over the past 12 months.

About 22 per cent of respondents postponed even more than one trip abroad, while only a third of them - a trip within our country.

The reason is that our country is seen as a safer destination. That's why 29 per cent of respondents said that because of Covid-19 they had rediscovered Bulgaria it as a "good place for tourism."

The survey also shows that a total of 1.5 million Bulgarians plan a seaside vacation in the summer, and another nearly half a million would like to spend it in the mountains.

As an alternative, over 300,000 prefer spa tourism, and about 200,000 - excursions to natural and cultural attractions.

There is also growing interest in holiday destinations with fewer people, sociologists report. Some 63 percent of those surveyed said that with the onset of the coronavirus, they began to avoid crowded places. And 73 percent prefer a vacation trip only by car



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Bulgaria: Tourism Season in Peril, Hotels Bookings Being Cancelled En Masse

Romanian tourists en masse cancel hotel bookings on Bulgarian northern Black Sea coast. In the resort complex "St. St. Constantine and Helena" hotels are open but empty, reports bgonair.bg.

Hotel owner Atanas Karageorgiev says that this spring he was expecting the first Romanian tourists, but for the second year in a row they are missing. There are also no clear rules for entry of foreign guests into our country, Karageorgiev says:

"There were a lot of bookings, but this morning the manager told me that absolutely everything has been cancelled," said the hotelier.

The tourism industry wants urgent measures to save the summer season, one of which is dropping the PCR test for foreigners or replacing it with rapid antigen test.

The hotel owners also report mass cancellations of bookings by Romanian companies for the Easter holidays and cancellation of flights. The reason is precisely the vague rules. Another factor is the inefficient marketing campaign targeting key markets for Bulgaria.

"To mend the situation, the Tourism Minister has to go to Romania and say in clear terms : We are ready to welcome the guests, here is what we offer", said chairman of Varna tourism chamber Ilin Dimitrov.

The industry is also pushing for mass vaccination in the field of tourism. This summer, there will be no more than 130,000 employees. Traditionally, the markets with which Bulgaria works are Romania, Germany, the UK and Israel.

If green corridors for foreign tourists are agreed, there is hope for the rescue of the summer tourist season. Otherwise, a lack of perspective will lead to a surge of bankruptcies by the end of the year.



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Thirteen EU Member States Reach Agreement on Vaccination Passport, Bulgaria Among Them

Bulgaria is among the 13 EU member countries which reached agreement on 7 criteria necessary for the implementation of the COVID-19 vaccination certificates.

The criteria have been submitted for review by the European Commission. The plan is for the certificates to be introduced no later than June to allow freedom of travel during the coming summer tourist season. The other countries which reached agreement on the initiative are: Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain. 


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Airlines Lash out at UK Government over Travel Restrictions

Britain will confirm in early May whether it will allow international travel to resume from May 17 and which countries will fall into the red, amber or green categories in a traffic light system based on COVID-19 risks.

Airlines, desperate for a bumper summer after a year of restrictions, criticised proposals from the government’s Global Travel Taskforce, which include COVID tests, saying the 100 pound cost of PCR testing for those arriving from low-risk green countries would put off many travellers.

Giving new details of how it hopes to allow people to travel this summer, the taskforce also said work was going on to develop a certification system, sometimes called “vaccine passports”, for inbound and outbound travel.

Britain is gradually emerging from a strict winter lockdown prompted by a surge in COVID-19 infections and deaths. As things stand, international travel is banned except under specific circumstances defined by the government.

But the government’s proposals for restarting travel fell short of airline industry hopes.

“This does not represent a reopening of travel as promised by ministers,” said Airlines UK, an industry body which represents British Airways, easyJet, Ryanair, Virgin Atlantic and others

EasyJet, Britain’s biggest airline by passenger numbers, said the PCR test requirement for low-risk countries was a blow to travellers and called on the government to re-assess its plan.

“This risks reversing the clock and making flying only for the wealthy,” said easyJet chief executive Johan Lundgren.

Case numbers in Britain have dropped dramatically since the January peak but a government priority is to avoid undermining the success of its vaccination programme by importing vaccine-resistant variants from overseas.

“The framework announced today will help allow us to reopen travel safely and sustainably, ensure we protect our hard-won achievements on the vaccine rollout and offer peace of mind to both passengers and industry as we begin to take trips abroad once again,” said Transport Secretary Grant Shapps.

The government said it was working with the travel industry and with private COVID-19 test providers to cut the cost of travel.

“This could include cheaper tests being used when holidaymakers return home, as well as whether the government would be able to provide pre-departure tests,” the travel taskforce said.

Under the traffic light system, restrictions such as hotel quarantine, home quarantine and compulsory COVID tests will apply differently depending on which category of country a passenger arrives from.

Factors in assessing categories will include the percentage of the population that has been vaccinated, the rate of infection, the prevalence of variants of concern and the country’s access to reliable genomic sequencing.

There will be a “green watchlist” identifying countries most at risk of moving from green to amber, although the government said it would not hesitate to change a country’s category should data show risk had increased.

The taskforce indicated that a digital travel certification system would be part of the plan but gave few details beyond saying that Britain wanted to play a leading role in developing standards in this area.


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UK's Boris Johnson Hopes International Travel to Restart from Mid-May

 British PM Boris Johnson said on Monday his government was hopeful that non-essential international travel would restart from 17 May, following the unveiling of a new traffic light system, news wires reported.

On Monday, Johnson's government published a document that outlines a new red, amber and green system for residents in England who want to go on holiday abroad amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Each country will be given a rating that determines whether or not travellers will need to go into quarantine upon their return.

Residents heading to "green" countries will have to take coronavirus tests before and after departure but will not have to quarantine upon returning to England. For "amber" or "red" countries, citizens would have to take tests as well as go into quarantine upon their return.

The system will be based on how many people have been vaccinated in each country, its rate of infection, emerging coronavirus variants and access to "reliable scientific data and genomic sequencing." However, it is "too early" to say which countries will be on which list, the document says. While the traffic light system is just for England, the British government is said to be in talks with the devolved governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

During a Downing Street press briefing on Monday, Johnson also warned that the date when people can travel internationally for holidays again may change due to the changing nature of the pandemic.  "We don't want to see the virus being reimported into this country from abroad," he said. He added that further detail about the new system will be published by the Global Travel Taskforce, which advises Johnson on how to tackle the issue of travel during the pandemic, later this week.

It is not clear how vaccines will be taken into consideration for the system. However, Johnson suggested vaccine passports would play a part in the future for travelling overseas.

Despite rumours in recent weeks, Johnson said the vaccine passports - which he referred to as "Covid Status Cetification" - will not come into force in England for 12 April, when hairdressers, pub gardens and non-essential shops reopen. He added this was the same case for 17 May, when indoor restaurants reopen and concerts are allowed.

Johnson said his government had some ethical concerns surrounding letting people into places based on vaccine passports due to the potential for discrimination among people who can't have the vaccine.

Should plans for vaccine passports go ahead, it would be put to a vote before British parliament before being made compulsory, he confirmed.


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Info for Holidaymakers: Eight Useful Tips If You Book Vacation Now

If you choose to travel in these uncertain times, you should be prepared to deal with everything that stems from this uncertainty.

The ongoing pandemic has changed the way we travel (if we travel at all) and the way we’re booking our vacations.

What you should pay attention to if you book it now and what changes there are in the conditions and practices of travel agencies - before choosing a holiday for the 10 days off around the May holidays or booking a holiday at the seaside. See useful tips from the experts of the tourism portal NasamNatam.com.

There are no uniform rules

The most important thing you need to know is that there are no uniform rules that apply to all tour operators. When you choose an offer, read carefully what the specific conditions are when canceling the trip. Check that the cancellation terms described in the offer are also present in the travel contract you will sign.

Your destination may be closed - what to expect in such a case?

We are still living through a pandemic, and at any moment the country you have chosen to travel to may close its borders. In this case, it is good to be prepared psychologically that there will be confusion and delay. Often tour operators cannot react immediately for reasons beyond their control (for example, when they have to wait for a formal decision of the authorities).

Only some of the trips have a maximum security insurance

If you want to travel but do not like to take a financial risk, choose only trips with maximum security insurance. It usually covers all the risks related to the coronavirus, including if your travel companion gets sick and you need to stay to take care. This type of insurance guarantees a refund within a certain period (usually 10-14 days) of all money you had paid

Refund may come with delay

If your contract does not have specific clauses for cancelling the trip for reasons stemming from the pandemic, you can expect some delay in refund. To book your plane ticket and hotel, tour operators transfer money to the respective hotels and airlines - that is, they need to get that money back to return it to you. This does not always happen easily and quickly, especially under the current circumstances.

You may receive a voucher for a future trip instead of money

In many cases, the tour operator will offer you a voucher for a future trip instead of a refund.

The advantage of vouchers is that they are valid for a long period and can be used at any time, i.e. if the destination is closed, customers can get a voucher and, when the destination restrictions are lifted, leave immediately.

In addition, this voucher may be sold within the expiry period or presented as a gift, of course, the tour operator concerned must be informed.

As unlikely as it may sound, some destinations are already booked for months to come

If you want to go to a specific place, save seats now. Tourists all over the world are so much eager to travel and so hopeful tourism will be possible this summer that many of the destinations turn out to be almost entirely booked, however amazing it may sound.

This is the case, for example, with Russia, for where many tourists have unused vouchers for cancelled trips from 2020, as well as hotels in some areas in France such as Normandy and Provence which are booked almost 100% by the end of the summer.

If you leave the reservation for the last minute, it may happen that only hotels that are expensive, far away from the center or for other reasons unsuitable for you may remain available.

Some package prices include a PCR test or a discount for such a test

Trips to destinations that require a PCR test come out more expensive, and for the moment the presentation of a negative PCR test is mandatory on return to Bulgaria. Some offers for holidays abroad have a PCR test included in the price or provide a discount code for such a test. In this case you should also read carefully, as sometimes this bonus goes with a condition – for example, "free PCR test when booking until April 20, 2021".

Do not rush to refuse vouchers from airlines

If you have booked a plane ticket and your flight has been cancelled, many airlines offer you a choice - to refund you or provide you with a voucher for future trips. Do not rush to refuse the voucher, as under the current situation it has its benefits. Because of the huge sums that airlines have to pay back to customers for cancelled flights, refunds are now often delayed for weeks. On the other hand, if you choose a voucher you can use it at any time for a new booking.


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