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We warmly welcome you to our website where you will find information on Sredets, Burgas, Bulgaria and Investing in Bulgarian Properties. 

In addition to the above you will also be able to find information on shops, bars, restaurants, hotels and accommodation for rent.

We will endeavour to bring you all the latest news and events as we get them.

There is a property for sale Sredets Bulgaria section, that you can go to if you are thinking of buying either a New Home or an investment. Whether you are searching for a villa by the black sea, a mountain ski lodge, holiday house for sale in Sredets Bulgaria, land or apartment in sunny beach we are here to help you find and purchase yourIdeal Home.

We employ both English and Bulgarian staff creating a balanced interpretation to make buying Property in Bulgaria a pleasant and uncomplicated process, allowing us to find properties for you at the best possible price.

We have professional associates to help you with Mortgages, Legal advice, Currency, and have builders to renovate your older property or build you a new home to your specification.

If you need help or advice please CONTACT US and we will do our best to answer your query.


LIVE: Restaurants in Bulgaria Open on 1 March, We have Strong Shield against Pandemic Now, Prime Minister
Against the backdrop of over 350,000 vaccinated and rehabilitated after Covid-19, restaurants will open on 1 March. And as of 1April, the nightlife establishments will start functioning too, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said during the regular cabinet sitting. The Prime Minister ordered Health Minister Kostadin Angelov to discuss at the upcoming meeting with the guilds representatives the...
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50,000 potentially infected with COVID-19 in Bulgaria
Prof. Nikolay Vitanov: There are 50,000 potentially infected with COVID-19 in Bulgaria There are about 50,000 people potentially infected with COVID-19 in Bulgaria. Prof. Nikolay Vitanov made this forecast on NOVA . According to him, in order to calculate the number of potentially infected, the number of deaths should be counted at 200. Currently, 260 people have died at 200, which...
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Tourism Minister Angelkova: Bulgaria is a Safe Holiday Destination, Tourist Season Starts on July 1
The active summer tourist season will start on July 1, Bulgaria’s Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova told BNT’s current affairs show “More from the Day” on May 27.

"We have an extremely clear plan and strategy in this difficult situation, which is unpredictable and unexpected both for the tourism sector, which is directly affected, and for...
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Chaos at Bulgaria – Greece Border as People Return from Easter Holidays

Long lines of vehicles and chaos at the Kulata border checkpoint on the day when thousands of Bulgarians returned from Greece after the Easter holidays. Those who did not have vaccination certificates or had expired the 72-hour period of their PCR test. Had to wait for hours.

Already in the early afternoon, it became clear that returning from Greece would not be smooth. And if people with a vaccine and an unexpired PCR test crossed the border relatively quickly, then for the rest the waiting time turned out to be quite long. The reason - people without vaccines and tests should queue to specify their quarantine addresses in Bulgaria.

"Things are happening very slowly. It's nightmare," commented one of the travelers.

To be entered into the registers of the regional health inspectorate, people waited about two hours. The delay was largely due to a lack of sufficient staff from the border health inspection.

The requirement for a vaccine or negative test surprised a large number of travelers.

"It is not clear what happens to people who have cellular immunity and antibodies. For example, I have immunity, but I have to be quarantined," said another man.

No matter how hard we tried we have not been able to find representatives of our health authorities to comment on the problems at the border.

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Real Estate Prices in Bulgaria Up by 30 Percent over Decade

According to statistics, tenants renting costs have invariably risen  in the EU for ten years, while property prices have had different fluctuations. Between 2011 and 2013, for example, there was a decrease in prices, followed by a plateau  in 2014, and from 2015 to the end of 2020 property prices increased annually. In the long run, between 2010 and the fourth quarter of 2020, average rents in the EU upped by 14.9 per cent and housing prices by 28.6 per cent.

Over the decade, prices of realproperties have rocketed in 23 EU members states. Most significantly - in Estonia (112.8%), Luxembourg (99.8%), Hungary (90.6%) Latvia (85.6%) and Austria (81.4%).

Huge growth in property prices has also been reported in Iceland - by over 125 per cent, and in Norway - by nearly 70 per cent.

At the same time, the most serious fall in property prices was recorded in Greece (28.1%), Italy (15.2%), Spain (5.2%) and Cyprus (3.4%).

And what about rental prices?

Estonia also recorded the sharpest increase in rental costs - over 143%. Growth in rental levels was also recorded in Lithuania (109.2%) The most visible decline was again recorded in Greece (25.2%), as well as in Cyprus (4.1%).

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No Road Toll for Serbians in North Macedonia this Summer

Serbian citizens will be exempted from paying road tolls in North Macedonia during the summer holiday season from 15 June to 15 August as a sign of gratitude for the vaccines Serbia has procured, North Macedonian Health Minister Venko Filipče announced on Tuesday.

Filipče was speaking at a joint news conference in Belgrade with Serbian Health Minister Zlatibor Lončar, with whom he arranged a strategic partnership with the Torlak Institute for procuring vaccines.

“The government of the Republic of North Macedonia will decide to exempt all Serbian citizens from paying the toll between 15 June and 15 August. This is the season when a large number of Serbian citizens traditionally travel to North Macedonia and Greece,” Filipče said and thanked the “brotherly Serbian people” on behalf of the government and citizens of North Macedonia “for donating a considerable number of vaccines.” /EURACTIV.rs  

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UK Tour Operators Offer Lucrative Testing Deals to Travellers

With summer season at the doorstep a number of tourist companies have developed Covid-19 programmes, BBC reported. The companies in UK offer options to receive PCR tests at subsidized or even zero price. Most European countries still have a number of travel restrictions including required PCR tests on return from risky destinations. In some countries the tests are required even for vaccinated travelers. The price of tests weights down on the price of tourists packages.

The UK's largest tour operator Tui has announced that it will subsidise the cost of Covid testing for customers who book its package holidays. Other holiday companies are also offering testing deals, including EasyJet, Jet2 and British Airways. Every traveller will need to take at least one PCR test after returning to the UK, according the government's outlined plans for reopening travel, and those who have travelled to countries considered higher risk will need to take up to three tests. As well as the subsidised test packages, that would include PCR and lateral flow tests, Tui said it is was also including free Covid insurance on all holidays. The firm said that it was aware that some customers might need to change their holiday dates, for example if they did not receive their test results on time, or if the country they were going to was moved by the government from green to amber under its "traffic light" travel system.

While Tui is not the first firm to announce a subsidised testing package, it is undercutting deals elsewhere. Other travel firms are offering testing packages for between £60 and £210 per person.


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Italy Welcomes Foreign Tourists Again to Kick-Start Economy

Italy announced it was ready to welcome again foreign tourists as pandemic eased the pressure on the country’s healthcare system. The country desperately needs the key sector operating again to reboot economic growth, ANSA reported. Italy’s Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said: "We are reopening, with the aim of kick-starting tourism and the economy again.

We must support the tourism sector, shop owners, restaurateurs. We must do business and create jobs. Italy is ready, we are working to totally supersede the 10 pm curfew, but not lower our guard. I will reiterate that we are working to welcome foreign tourists to Italy in total safety”.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi noted that Italy will issue a green pass for tourists in mid-May, a month before the EU does.

Friuli-Venezia Giulia Governor Massimiliano Fedriga, the president of Italy's conference of regions called on central government to accelerate with the easing of the nation's Covid-19 restrictions. "We shouldn't get fossilized" on the issue of whether to change or drop the nationwide curfew which seeks to stop contagion being caused by big gatherings at night.”

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Germany Lowered Risk Level for Bulgaria But Three Basic Requirements to Travelers Remain in Place

For those arriving to Germany from Bulgaria, the requirement for a negative PCR test, electronic registration and quarantine remains in place, the Ministry of Public Health reported.

The requirement to provide a negative PCR test on arrival from Bulgaria to Germany remains in force until 12 May 2021 inclusive, although as of 2 May 2021 Germany has lowered the level of risk for Bulgaria from a country with a high incidence rate of infection to a “risk country”.

According to our embassy in Berlin, the current regimen for entering Germany will apply until May 12

The communication reminds that in addition to providing a negative PCR test, carried out no earlier than 48 hours, registration in the electronic system is required - www.einreiseanmeldung.de. A 10-day quarantine is also mandatory, and different specificities are possible depending on the regimen valid in individual federal provinces.

Until 12 May 2021, all air travelers to Germany must submit a negative test before boarding a plane.

If assistance is needed, Bulgarian citizens can contact our Embassy in Berlin by phone: +49 89 171 176 14; +49 89 171 176 15 and e-mail: Consulate.Munchen@mfa.bg



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Bulgarians’ Favorite Summer Destinations Opening for Tourists Soon

As the weather gets warmer and summer draws nearer, we increasingly often dream of sea, sunny holidays and our favorite beach destinations. Meanwhile in many places in Europe and around the world, a number of restrictions remain in place because of the novel coronavirus - mandatory quarantine, curfew, closed bars and restaurants.

Three of the Bulgarians' favorite countries for summer holidays announced when and under what conditions they will open for tourists. While there are still a lot of uncertainties, summer is looming large if you like to spend your vacation in Greece, Italy or Spain.

See what is known so far about opening borders for tourists and keep in mind that early bookings this year make sense more than any other time.


Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said he expects tourism in Italy to be able to pick up momentum in mid-May when travel between regions is allowed. The country has announced its intention to use the pan-European health passport for tourists travel within the country, but there are no details yet on the specific rules for foreigners entering Italy.

Do you miss the country of pizza and choice wines?


The official opening of the tourist season in Greece is scheduled for May 15, although many Bulgarians have already traveled to our southern neighbor over the Easter holidays.

Since May 3, the cafes and restaurants in the country have opened for the first time after 6-month lockdown.


Spain announced in June that it would open its borders to tourists who have digital Covid-19.certificates.

In May, the country's airports began testing a pass-through mode with this type of document. It certifies whether the passenger has been given a vaccine, has had the disease in recent months or has taken a PCR test. The certificate is yet to be introduced across the EU.

The country hopes to have vaccinated 70% of the adult population by the end of the summer.

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Russia Suspends Flights to Bulgaria, Summer Tourist Season at Risk

Russia suspends the flights to Bulgaria for tourists, so this summer will be the second season in a row without Russian tourists on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, told TravelNews Evelina Puleva, member of the Management Board of the Burgas Regional Tourist Chamber.

The last flight of Russian airline S7 to Burgas will be on May 9, she said. So far, one flight a week has been performed since the end of March.

The suspension of flights comes after Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky, one of President Vladimir Putin's staunchest supporters, called for official ban on the purchase of properties in Bulgaria, as well as tourist trips to our country.

Tour operators have information from Russian citizens that the Bulgarian Embassy in Moscow does not currently issue visas. Visas are issued only to members of mixed families.

"We are worried about the summer season. The situation is difficult and we cannot endure a second season without Russian, German and British tourists who are among the most important guests for the major resorts", commented Evelina Puleva. According to her, the future caretaker government must take urgent measures.

Recently, German and British tour operators cancelled holidays to Bulgaria for the start of the summer season in May and June. "All trips for May and June to Bulgaria have been cancelled and redirected by the German tour operator DER Touristik", said Kalin Sudev, Manager of Destination Touristic Services, a representative of DER Touristik in Bulgaria, which also includes the tour operator ITS.

The charter airline "Bulgarian Air Charter" has also suspended flights from Germany to Varna and Burgas airports until the end of June. Bookings in Germany and other markets for the Bulgarian Black Sea coast have stalled, said Nina Chamova, General Manager of Suntours, which is a representative of the German tour operator Alltours.

Ivan Groshev, Manager of MTS Bulgaria pointed out that a large part of the bokings are shifted for 2022 rather than the upcoming season. The company is a representative of the German tour operator FTI, the British Jet2Holidays and the Russian "Coral".

Groshev does not foresee the opening of the Russian market this year. The British company has already postponed its programme until June 24 and cancelled all vacations for the start of the season. Groshev expects Bulgaria to fall into the yellow corridor in the UK, which means not being among the safe destinations for travel in the summer. The other major UK tour operator Balkan Holidays UK has also postponed its programme and charters for July.



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Bulgaria Opened New Summer Season, What to Expect?

On May 1, the new summer season kicked off in Bulgaria. What do green certificates and vaccinations mean for hoteliers and tour operators?

What's in store for us in the next few months? Will we be able to rescue this summer season?

" Stanislav Stoyanov, member of the Union of Hoteliers of Golden Sands commented the topics in Our Day talk show.

"Unfortunately, the developments after this epidemic are currently on the negative side. Perhaps the summer-2021 season will be worse than summer-2020. Maybe the measures that were taken too late played a low-down trick."

"This has led to a lot of cancellations, especially for Easter. From tourists of neighboring countries, on whom we rely at critical moments. As well as from the Bulgarian tourists themselves."

"We are in touch with all our colleagues, we literally hope some miracle to happen, because with these belated measures there is no way to organize the charter programs. As we know, major airlines have suspended their charters by the end of June. We can't expect tourists before this period.'

Green certificates

"This is a measure that will be of great help for the sector. The free movement of vaccinated customers will contribute to the development of the tourist market."

"We need to overcome the mental barrier that tourists have due to the stress of the virus itself."

Tourists from Russia

"Unfortunately in the last few years we have started to lose this market due to the mistakes of the Ministry of Tourism. Unfortunately, there was no active effort on the part of the Ministry as regards the Russian market."

"There was an opportunity to use the situation to our advantage when Russia cancelled flights to Turkey. You know that Turkey is one of our country's biggest competitors in tourism. We had the perfect opportunity to attract tourists to Bulgaria."

"Russian tourists know Bulgaria well. It's a destination they've preferred for years. But these erroneous actions, which are not only in connection with the coronavirus, but also with diplomatic relations, they spoil everything. You know that Russia put Bulgaria on the list of unfriendly countries. This also leads to the ebb of Russian tourists."

Measures to save the industry

"The measures taken by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy under the 60/40 and 80/20 payroll support programmes were not very effective, specifically in the hospitality sector."

"A very small part of the industry could benefit from them, because on the Black Sea coast the business is seasonal, no one maintains 100% of staff  all the time, but the hospitality industry has become a no man‘s land because the only aid it received was under the 60/40 programme, which is not effective enough."


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EU News: Covid-19 Travel Certificates to Be Rolled out by June

The majority of EU countries should be technically ready for COVID-19 certificates by the first week of June ahead of their official launch expected by the end of that month, an EU official told EURACTIV.

The green digital certificates were proposed last month by the European Commission as a way to facilitate safe free movement inside the EU during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The document, which may be in digital or paper format, will attest that a person has been vaccinated against coronavirus, have a recent negative test result or have recovered from the disease.

While the EU lawmakers are starting the inter-institutional negotiations to seal the final legal text of the measures, simultaneously the technical side of the certificates is being developed.

This was confirmed by an EU official on Friday who, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that the technical side is “marching in parallel” with the negotiation talks between the European Parliament and the EU ministers, as time is short.

The goal is to have the certification system up and running before the summer, as the whole operation is mostly conceived to save the holiday season and the struggling European tourism sector.

The system has to be ready when the legislation will be published to avoid delays, the EU official stressed, adding that it is expected to be operational and legally valid all over Europe by 26 June.

Member states have been divided into three groups based on their preparedness to start system testing.

A first group of 20 countries including France, Italy, Spain and Germany will start technical checks to interconnect the systems from the second week of May, while another group of less ready member states will start their testing later in May.

The third, last, group should start around the middle of June.

“We check everything, we check that the system is validated changing the keys, we check the whole setup, and then we declare that the connection works. So that’s why they are divided into groups” explained the EU official.

The budget for this initiative reaches around about €40-45 million, almost a third of the cost spent on the system itself.

On Thursday (29 April) European lawmakers adopted their negotiating position on the European Commission’s proposal for the digital green certificates, paving the way for what is likely to be a tough inter-institutional negotiation with the Council representing the 27 member states.

While the EU is working on the legal basis of the initiative, simultaneously the technical side of the certificates is being developed.


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