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We warmly welcome you to our website where you will find information on Sredets, Burgas, Bulgaria and Investing in Bulgarian Properties. 

In addition to the above you will also be able to find information on shops, bars, restaurants, hotels and accommodation for rent.

We will endeavour to bring you all the latest news and events as we get them.

There is a property for sale Sredets Bulgaria section, that you can go to if you are thinking of buying either a New Home or an investment. Whether you are searching for a villa by the black sea, a mountain ski lodge, holiday house for sale in Sredets Bulgaria, land or apartment in sunny beach we are here to help you find and purchase yourIdeal Home.

We employ both English and Bulgarian staff creating a balanced interpretation to make buying Property in Bulgaria a pleasant and uncomplicated process, allowing us to find properties for you at the best possible price.

We have professional associates to help you with Mortgages, Legal advice, Currency, and have builders to renovate your older property or build you a new home to your specification.

If you need help or advice please CONTACT US and we will do our best to answer your query.


As of Today - Drivers without an Up-to-Date Electronic Vignette will be Fined
As of February 17, motorists who drive on the national road network in Bulgaria without an up-to-date electronic vignette will be liable to huge fines. The offenders will be filmed by the cameras of the toll system and will automatically be included in the database, BG TOLL said quoted by BNT. If during the day time they get stopped by the mobile teams of toll control, they will have...
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The Coronavirus Tests of the 2 Bulgarians who came back from Wuhan are Negative
The two Bulgarians who came back home from the Chinese city of Wuhan passed the Coronavirus tests at the MMA (Military Medical Academy) and they were negative. This was announced this morning, by Prof. Georgi Popov, Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases. The hospital says there is no reason for people to panic. The two traavellers, one man and one woman, are in good condition but...
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Two Bulgarians under Observation at Hospital for Coronavirus Risk
The women returned from China and Thailand. Two Bulgarian women are under special surveillance until it is confirmed that they do not suffer from a coronavirus. One was in China and the other was back from Thailand. The patients were placed in infectious wards. So far, both women are in good overall condition. In the meantime, the health authorities have assured that all necessary...
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Germans - Greece's Largest Source of Tourism Revenue

The Germans continue to be Greece's largest source of revenue for tourism. This is according to data from the National Bank of Greece.

German tourist revenue, however, declined by 0.2% in 2019 compared to 2018, to nearly € 3 billion.

In contrast, revenues from British tourists increased significantly to 2.556 billion. This is 31.9% more than in 2018. Revenue from French tourists also recorded remarkable

growth of 14.5% year-on-year, reaching EUR 1.092 billion.

Tourists from outside the European Union also registered an increase of 14.2%. The Russians spent 27.3% more in 2019.

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Asia May Lose over $ 100 Billion in Tourism Revenue due to the Coronavirus

China's fast-spreading coronavirus could cause tourism losses in Asia for more than $ 100 billion, according to a bank analysis released on Monday.

Robert Carnell, the chief economist and head of Asia Pacific's analytics department, of the Dutch ING financial group estimated that there might be zero tourism revenue from Asian tourists visiting China and from Chinese tourists flying to other Asian countries.

This is a “gross simplification,” Carnell said, but it fits a scenario where the outbreak lingers long after it peaks.

“Official travel restrictions may be slow to be removed, and travelers may remain wary long after it is safe for them to travel again,” he said.

According to Trade Economics, tourism revenue contributed about 11% to China's GDP in 2018.

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Bulgarian Foreign Ministry: Don't Travel to Italy or China Unless Necessary

In relation to the situation with the new coronavirus COVID-19 in the north of Italy, Bulgaria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs called Bulgarian citizens who reside or travel to Italy, to travel only as a matter of last resort to the regions with confirmed cases of coronavirus, MoFA said on February 23, quoted by BNT.

We also recommend that the Bulgarians refrain from attending public events, avoid crowded places, and comply with safety measures such as wearing a protective medical mask, maintaining personal hygiene, and avoiding direct contact with strangers, the ministry’s statement says.

At the same time, taking into account the current situation with the development of the 2019-nCoV coronavirus epidemic, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria raised the risk index when traveling to China to the highest Level 5: Warning to suspend all trips and leave the country immediately .

The foreign ministery said that as at February 24, it has not received reports on Bulgarians in China and Italy being infected with Covid-19.

The Italian authorities said that currently 132 people in Italy were infected with new coronavirus and 26 of them were in intensive care.

Accroding to Italian statistic, 10,046 Bulgarians live in the Lombardy region; 2,312 in Vénet; 3,071 in Piedmont, 5,241 in the city of Milan, and 313 in the Lodi municipality.

The Bulgarian Embassy in Rome and the General Consulate in Milan say they are ready to assist Bulgarian nationals as needed. Bulgarian citizens can contact:

- the Bulgarian Embassy in Rome on +39 06 322 46 40; +39 06 322 46 43. Telephones of the Embassy during off-hours: + 39 06 322 46 40; + 39 06 322 46 43.

- Consulate General of Milan: +39 02 849 429 02. Telephone of the Consulate General in off-duty hours: +39 33 37 826 043.

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Croatia Airlines Launches Bulgaria-Croatia Direct Flights from May 1st

From May 1, 2020, direct flights between Bulgaria and Croatia will begin. They will be operated by the Croatian national airline Croatia Airlines.

Flights between the capitals of the two countries, Sofia and Zagreb, will be operated three times a week between May and the end of October 2020. Tickets are already being sold online, according to the Foreign Ministry press service.

The inauguration of the airline is a direct result of the visit of Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva to Zagreb on October 18, 2019. The topic was on the agenda of her talks with Croatian Foreign Minister Gordan Grlić-Radman.

The airline management confirmed that, depending on the passenger traffic and financial indicators, a possible extension of the flight schedule for the winter period next year is being considered.

The airline is expected to further intensify the flow of tourists between the two countries. Bulgarians visiting Croatia in 2019 are 42,283, an increase of 16.7% over the previous year. Croatian tourists to Bulgaria increased by 31.1% - 29 270 people.A

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1,302.5 Thousand Bulgarians Made Tourism Trips in Q4 of 2019

In the fourth quarter of 2019, 1,302.5 thousand Bulgarian residents made tourism trips, the National Statistical Institute said in a press release. The majority (81.1%) of them travelled only in the country, 17.1% - only abroad and 1.8% - both in the country and abroad. Compared to the same quarter of 2018, the total number of the travellers aged 15 and over increased by 18.9%

In the fourth quarter of 2019, most Bulgarian travelers were aged 25 - 44 – 625.5 thousand or 48.0% of all travelling persons. In all age groups trips in the country predominated, and the highest percentage was registered among persons aged 25 - 44 – 86.7% of all travelers in this age group. Trips abroad were mostly made by residents aged 45 - 64 – 24.3% of all travelers in this age group.

The majority of trips in the country were made to ‘visit relatives’, while those abroad were for ‘holiday and recreation’, 47.0% and 54.9%, respectively.

In the fourth quarter of 2019, 1,486.0 thousand or 88.4% of all private tourism trips were registered as independent. The relative share of the independent travels without preliminary booking in the country was 92.1%, while those abroad were 67.4%

Expenditure for food had the highest relative share in domestic trips – 39.7%, while in trips abroad it was transport - 33.9%.

In the fourth quarter of 2019, a person aged 15 and over spent on the average for a private trip BGN 172.07 in the country and BGN 545.65 for a private trip abroad

At the same time the average expenditure per person for business trip was BGN 167.84 for a domestic trip and BGN 1,063.79 for a business trip abroad.

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Bulgaria is among the EU Countries with the Worst Rail Transport

Traveling by train in Bulgaria is not like walking in the park at all, according to an Euronews publication on European rail transport entitled 'A world of train': Where in Europe is rail travel a nightmare?

From France's high-speed TGVs to Moldova's Soviet-era services with wooden benches, Europe's train network is a patchwork of varying standards.

"It's particularly bad in the Balkans, according to a World Economic Forum (WEF) report, which ranked services on frequency, punctuality, speed and price.

EU member states, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia and Greece have the worst rail services, according to the European Commission, while the best services are in the Netherlands, Finland, Germany and Spain."

"In Albania, not a single passenger train circulated between November 2019 and early February due to a lack of funds to buy locomotive fuel. The state-owned rail company — HSH — gave no official notice for the suspension of service and people were only informed they had resumed after sightings of trains were posted on a Facebook group", the report said.

The SIF report gives Albania 1.2 points out of seven, just behind Serbia, while Bosnia and Herzegovina and Northern Macedonia each have 2 points.

The number of incidents and reports of injuries is also highest in the East. All Central and Eastern countries have higher rates than the EU average, the latest report from European Union Railway Agency showed.

Again in Bulgaria, as well as in Hungary, the number of incidents are three times higher than elsewhere. In Romania and Estonia, they are five times higher than the EU average.

"In Bulgaria, the train travels - but only three times a week - the 34 kilometres between the towns of Kyustendil and Gueshevo. It takes 1 hour and 40 minutes.

The poor state of the infrastructure only allows trains to travel at a maximum speed of 25 km/h, dropping to 15 km/h in certain sections.” the publication said.

"In countries such as Bulgaria or Romania, second or third-hand trains discarded in the early 2000s by the French, English, German or Danish railways circulate daily. But outside the borders of the union, the situation worsens further", Euronews reported.

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EUR 3.7 Billion is the Revenue from International Tourism in Bulgaria in 2019

3.7 billion euros are the revenues from international tourism for 2019 in Bulgaria, according to the data of the Bulgarian National Bank, announced today. The results show an increase of 0.4% compared to 2018.

In December 2019 alone, revenues from foreign tourists exceed € 165 million, an increase of 10 percent over the last month of 2018, according to the central


The number of foreign tourists increased by 0.4% last year, reaching 9.3 million. In December alone, 479,276 foreign tourists' visits were reported in Bulgaria - an increase of 9.2% compared to the same month of the previous year.

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Gulf Times: Qatar Airways signs Joint Flight Agreement with Bulgaria Air

Qatar Airways has signed a codeshare agreement with Bulgaria Air and the first codeshare flights will operate on March 2, the national airline said on Tuesday. This was reported by the Qatari English-language Gulf Times.

The agreement will provide Bulgaria Air passengers with a “seamless connection” to destinations in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Qatar Airways’ passengers will benefit from access to two new destinations in Bulgaria: Varna and Burgas.

Sales under the codeshare agreement with Bulgaria’s national carrier will start today, Qatar Airways said.

Qatar Airways Group Chief executive, HE Akbar al-Baker said, “This agreement with Bulgaria Air follows other recent partnership announcements we have made with airlines across the world, demonstrating our commitment to working with our peers to provide passengers seamless connectivity and unrivalled service.”

Bulgaria Air chief executive officer Hristo Todorov said, “It is a great pleasure for Bulgaria Air to add Qatar Airways to its partnership network, which is undoubtedly one of the most respected and prestigious airlines in the world.

“We are delighted that they have chosen us as a partner enabling our passengers to travel quickly and conveniently to over 170 destinations with Qatar Airways. This co-operation is only a part of our long-term development strategy and we are happy to welcome the passengers of Qatar Airways onboard our aircraft.”

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