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There Will Be Three New Destinations from Bulgaria in the Airlines' Winter Schedule

Direct flights from Sofia to Marseille, France start from 2 October. They are part of the new itineraries that a number of airlines add to their winter schedule, including Bulgaria, summarize air travel experts, eSky Travel Agency.

The flights will be operated twice a week - on Wednesday and Sunday, with the flight from Sofia at noon at 13:25. The flights from Marseille are leaving in the morning - at 9.

On the last day of October, 2 new routes of a German low-cost airline also start. They will run twice a week: to Dusseldorf on Thursday and Saturday and to Stuttgart on Tuesday and Sunday.

If you want to visit a more exotic country, flights to Aqaba, Jordan will start again at the end of next month - a great starting point for visiting Petra, for example. Prices for the winter season are more than attractive - from 40 euro for a two-way ticket.

From January, 2020 once a week, there will also be a direct flight from Sofia to the East Midlands Airport in the UK. Ticket prices start at € 23 per direction.

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British Airways Cancels Flights on September 27 Due to Pilot Strike

Environmental activists from the ,,Rebellion against Destruction'' movement are launching a series of actions to block Heathrow Airport by launching drones, BNR reported.

British Airways, meanwhile, is canceling some flights for the September 27 date. A new strike for the airline pilots, demanding higher wages, is scheduled for that time.

British Airways assures that they are contacting anyone concerned to offer them a refund or a reservation for another date, destination or airline.

This week the airline was forced to cancel 1,700 flights to and from London Heathrow and Gatwick because of a two-day strike by pilots demanding higher wages

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Total Number of the Nights Spent in All Accommodation Establishments Registered in July 2019 Was 5 952.1 Thousand

In July 2019, 3 391 accommodation establishments - hotels, motels, camping sites, mountain chalets and other establishments for short-term accommodation with more than 10 bed-places were functioned in the country. The total number of the rooms in them was 141.8 thousand and the bed-places were 324.4 thousand.

In comparison with July 2018, the total number of accommodation establishments (functioned during the period) increased by 5.8%, and the bed-places in them - by 3.7%. The total number of the nights spent in all accommodation establishments registered in July 2019 was 5 952.1 thousand, or by 0.1% more in comparison with the same month of the previous year, as the greatest increase (by 2.0%) was observed in 3 stars accommodation establishments. In July 2019, 62.2% of all nights spent by foreign citizens and 25.6% of all nights spent by Bulgarians were realized in 4 and 5 stars hotels. In 3 stars accommodation establishments were spent 27.4% of all nights by foreigners and 28.5% of all nights by Bulgarian residents, while in the rest of accommodation establishments (with 1 and 2 stars) they were 10.4% and 45.9% respectively.В 

In July 2019, the number of arrivals in all accommodation establishments increased by 5.2% compared to the same month of 2018 and reached 1 297.8 thousand, as an increase was registered by 10.3% for Bulgarians and by 2.4% for foreigners. Bulgarians spent the nights in accommodation establishments in July 2019 were 485.1 thousand and spent 3.3 nights on the average. The arrivals of foreigners were 812.7 thousand, and had on average 5.4 nights, as 64.0% of them spent nights in hotels with 4 and 5 stars.

In July 2019, the total occupancy of the bed-places in accommodation establishments was 60.0%, as decreased by 1.8 percentage points compared to July 2018. The highest was occupancy of the bed-places in 4 and 5 stars accommodation establishments - 71.8%, followed by 3 stars accommodation establishments - 61.6%, and with 1 and 2 stars - 40.7%.

The total revenues from nights spent in July 2019 reached 345.8 million BGN or by 2.9% more compared to July 2018. An increase in revenues from Bulgarians by 19.9% was registered, while those from foreigners decreased by 0.4%.


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Emergency Landing of a Finnair Plane Due to the Death of a Passenger on Board

A Finnair Airlines plane flying from Helsinki to Paris landed an emergency in the Finnish city of Turku due to the death of a passenger on board, RIA Novosti reports.

The airline's press service says the plane made an unplanned landing in Turku because of a sick passenger.

According to a police report in Southwest Finland, there is a report of a deceased passenger aboard Finnair. Police teams arrived at Turku Airport. There is no suspicion of a crime.

An investigation into the causes of death is ongoing.

The plane has already took off to Paris.

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British Airways Pilots Launched a 48-Hour Strike

Pilots of British Airlines launched a 48-hour strike. They demand higher wages and better working conditions. The protest has canceled 1,600 carrier flights, with an estimated 280,000 passengers affected.

British Airways invites their customers if their flight is canceled not to travel to the airport, but to discuss alternative routes with airline staff over the telephone or via the Internet.

According to experts, this may be the largest strike in British Airways history. The company offered pilots an 11.5% increase over the next three years, but they did not receive it.

The next protest is scheduled for late September.

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Saudi Arabia Is Opening to Tourists

The wilderness hidden behind sand dunes will soon be accessible to tourists who want to visit one of the most conservative countries in the world.

Saudi Arabia will begin issuing tourist visas this month and hopes to attract a large number of tourists. Until now, only pilgrims were allowed to visit Mecca and Medina. Visas were also issued to travellers for business and people with relatives in Saudi Arabia.

Now, however, the Prince of Saudi Arabia is not just about tourists.

The Saudis spend more than $ 26 billion a year outside the kingdom on entertainment, goods and services, luxury products, vacations and parties because none of these things can be found in their country. The Prince is demanding a change because more than two-thirds of the 32 million population is under 35, which means a large and fast-growing market.

The Government of the Kingdom has started work on three mega projects with complexes for local and foreign tourists, one of which is on the Red Sea.

The 100 km long coastline will be transformed into a luxury tourist area, with expensive hotels, entertainment facilities and even its own airport. The area will be a "semi-autonomous area" where the strict laws of the kingdom will not apply to foreigners. There will be no gender segregation in the complexes and the alcohol will be allowed. The work on the project will start this fall and will be completed in 2022, with an estimated 35,000 jobs and revenue of $ 4 billion annually.

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Greece Won't Increase Its Toll Taxes

Prices will not be raised in Greece, according to the company that manages Attiki Odos highway. We recall that after the announcement of the increase, many drivers, as well as New Democracy, which was in opposition, reacted sharply against this decision.

After the elections, however, discussions began between Attiki Odos shareholders and the Ministry of Infrastructure to find a common position and not increase the fee.

The lightweight cars, which had to pay € 3.00 each according to the increase, remain at € 2.80. Buses will pay € 7.10 instead of € 7.50 and heavy goods vehicles will pay € 11.30 instead of the planned € 12.00.

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