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The Sredets Town
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The Sredets Town


(Bulgarian: Ρπεδεφ) is a town in southeastern Bulgaria, part of Burgas Province. It is located in the proximity of Lake Mandrensko and the northern slopes of Strandzha. During the Ottoman rule it was known as Karabunar and later as Grudovo (1960–1992).

Although the area of Sredets has been inhabited since antiquity and a Bulgarian and Byzantine fortress existed nearby during the Middle Ages, the modern town was first mentioned in 1595 by one of the foreign travellers who passed through, as well as in Ottoman tax registers of 1676–1731.

Charles XII of Sweden is known to have stayed overnight in the village in 1713 en route to Constantinople and Sophronius of Vratsa worked as a teacher in Karabunar in 1792–1793. Russian Army data from 1827 mentions it as a purely Bulgarian village and it was visited by Vasil Levski in 1868.

After the Liberation of Bulgaria in 1878 the village was renamed Sredets in 1934. It became a town in 1960 and was renamed Grudovo in honour of Todor Grudov, a leader of the Bulgarian Communist Party-organized September Uprising of 1923. In 1992 its older name Sredets was reinstated.


Sredets municipality is located in South-East Bulgaria in Bourgas District.


The Municipality consists of 1 town (municipal center Sredets) and 32 villages. The transport infrastructure of the Municipality is fairly well developed.

The existing 25 dam lakes on the territory of Sredets Municipality allow for irrigation of a part of the arable land. The forest fund on the territory of the Municipality is of total area of 413,360,000 sq. m. and is concentrated mainly in the southeastern part.

The Strandzha Mountain forests and the lower stream of the Fakijska River possess a wide diversity of flora and fauna, and are the home of some rare and protected species.


The Municipality Sredets offers wonderful opportunities for hunting, fishing and tourism


Quick facts about Municipality Sredets

Other transcriptions: Sredec, Sredetz
In Bulgarian Aplhabets: Ρπεδεφ
Location: South-East Bulgaria
Province: Bourgas District

Area size of Sredets municipality: 1146km2

Population of Sredets municipality: 15568 people

Total Towns and Cities in Sredets municipality: 1

Total Villages in Sredets municipality: 32

Center of Municipality Sredets: Town of Sredets

Cities and villages in Sredets municipality: Village of Belevren, Village of Belila, Village of Bistrets, Village of Bogdanovo, Village of Debelt, Village of Dolno Yabulkovo, Village of Drachevo, Village of Draka, Village of Dyulevo, Village of Fakia, Village of Golyamo Bukovo, Village of Gorno Yabulkovo, Village of Granichar, Village of Granitets, Village of Kirovo, Village of Kubadin, Village of Malina, Village of Momina tsarkva, Village of Orlintsi, Village of Prohod, Village of Punchevo, Village of Radoynovo, Village of Rosenovo, Village of Sinyo kamene, Village of Slivovo, Town of Sredets, Village of Suhodol, Village of Svetlina, Village of Trakiytsi, Village of Varovnik, Village of Vulchanovo, Village of Zagortsi, Village of Zornitsa


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